Ultracapacitor Announcements

Product Solutions for Elevated Temperature & Humidity Environments

With over forty years of expertise in passive component encapsulation, the Tecate Group has incorporated this tested and enhanced sealing process into 100% of its TPL product line (0.5F-100F), with no change to the physical or electrical performance of the cell. Where other manufacturers and suppliers have chosen to offer special order parts at an increased cost to their customers, Tecate has implemented our encapsulation process at no additional cost. This feature mitigates the effects of elevated temperature and humidity environments by providing additional mechanical stability as tested up to 3000 hours*.

Tecate Group's ultracapacitors are manufactured to the highest degree of quality and reliability and are compliant with RoHS, REACH, and UL requirements. Our commitment to enhanced innovation in the development of customized cells and modules has enabled Tecate to become a worldwide-recognized supplier of ultracapacitors. Based on this heritage, Tecate is the sole ultracapacitor manufacturer offering standard and custom products that can withstand the negative impact of elevated temperature and humidity environments through robust sealing alternatives.

We are uniquely positioned as the only ultracapacitor company who provide two proven product solutions that address these adverse environments. Customers now have a choice between a flat, prismatic, and hermetically sealed cell (our PC series) or a cylindrical, radial-lead, enhanced-sealed cell (our TPL series) so that they can make a selection based on their space, performance, and cost requirements. Both our PC series and our TPL series are not only available as individual cells but also as the building blocks for our standard and customized modules. Both series offer exceptional value and are only available through Tecate Group and its authorized channel of sales agents.

Our customer base is varied and the applications are all demanding, from military avionics to smart grid, from data storage to robotics, from UPS to telematics. Real-world applications demand real-world solutions, many of which can only be provided by the Tecate Group.


Product Solutions for Elevated Temperature & Humidity Environments

PC Series Cells

TPL Series Cells

100% hermetically sealed
PC5, PC10
Flat & prismatic
Robust & proven


Enhanced mechanical sealing up to 3000 hours
0.5F – 100F
Cylindrical with radial lead
Cost-effective and reliable


PC Series Modules

TPL Series Modules

The following modules use PC series cells:


The following modules use TPL series cells:



*Based on results from biased humidity testing. Consult the datasheet for further details, including, applicable operating conditions and use recommendations, as results may vary. Additional technical details are available at www.tecategroup.com.

Lightweight Tactical Vehicle Summit

Lightweight Tactical Vehicle Summit Logo

Tecate will be exhibiting at the Lightweight Tactical Vehicle Summit in Detroit next week, March 16-18 - http://www.lighttacticalvehiclesummit.com.  This event focuses on the recent vehicle programs and modernization initiatives in military vehicle fleets.  Tecate designs and manufactures a complete line of long life ultracapacitor cells and custom module solutions to replace battery packs.  We have successfully designed systems for BPS in AFES applications. 


Brendan Andrews
Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Ultracapacitor Sizing Tools

Tecate Group introduces new sizing tools to help designers quickly determine the right ultracapacitors for their applications. Now available in both Constant Current and Constant Power versions, Tecate's tools make finding the right ultracapacitor size simple. And with a broad lineup of ultracapacitor solutions ranging from 1F to 3,000F, the Tecate sizing tools cover a wide range of ultracapacitor products.

Tecate Ultracapacitor sizing tools  

Click here to download Tecate Ultracapacitor Sizing Tools


Tecate now offers PowerBurst Type PBD Ultracapacitors

Tecate announces the release of the PBD PowerBurst Ultracapacitor Modules, offered as a drop-in replacement for Maxwell Technologies' discontinued BC BPAK0052/0058, and BC BMOD0052/0058 ultracapacitor series. Tecate's newest multi-cell modules were developed together with Maxwell, and notably employ their radial 350F, 2.7V ultracapacitor cells to facilitate a 58 F module with a very low ESR of 22.4 mohms and 16.2V working voltage.
Tecate PowerBurst PBD


  • Replacement for Maxwell BPAK0058 and BMOD0058 series.
  • Maxwell BOOSTCAP® cells with active balancing.
  • 16.2V working voltage.
  • Available as rugged, fully enclosed module or lighter pack version for tight spaces.
  • Screw terminals.
  • Module-to-module cable included.

Purchase Tecate PowerBurst® PBDs in our online store!

Tecate now offers PowerBurst Type PC5 Ultracapacitors

Tecate PowerBurst PC5

Tecate's PowerBurst® Type PC5 ultracapacitor is engineered to provide extended power availability during dips, sags, and outages in the main power sources as well as to relieve batteries of burst power functions. Due to this unique construction, it boasts an extremely low profile (5.1 mm max.) making it an excellent choice for space constrained applications.


Purchase Tecate PowerBurst® PC5's in our online store!

New Tecate PowerBurst PBM Modules

Tecate Group introduces new series of modules utilizing Maxwell BoostCap® ultracapacitors.

Tecate PowerBurst PBM Ultracapacitor Modules

The new PBM series ultracapacitor modules expand on Tecate's patented interlocking endcap design, to offer a variety of cell configurations using either the 650 or 3000F Maxwell Boostcap® cells, with voltages up to 64.8V. These modules can be used in applications requiring short term primary power, or back-up power in conjunction with batteries, or other primary energy sources like solar or fuel cells.

Click here to see the full list of configurations available and purchase them online!

PBM Accessories:  Optional battery posts, interconnect/power cables, buss bars, joint plates and side panels are available for further module system integration

PBM Accessories

Back-up Power for Military Applications - Batteries optional!

Tecate Group Ultracapacitor Military/Aerospace

As the applications for ultracapacitors grow, the Military market segment has demonstrated an increasing need for custom ultracapacitor modules, to address a variety of power challenges. Custom PowerBurst ultracapacitor solutions from Tecate Group fills this need. Read more...


  • Backup power
  • GPS systems
  • Unmanned Vehicles
  • Cold engine start
  • Peak power
  • Radar
  • Bridge power
  • Magnetic drivers
Read more about military/aerospace applications for ultracapacitors here and in our Military/Aerospace brochure.