Tecate Group Custom Ultracapacitor Modules

Design Support Tecate Group can quickly develop a custom ultracapacitor solution to satisfy even the most demanding applications. Products range from special leads on standard cells to fully integrated hybrid assemblies. Tecate emphasizes quick turn in-house design capability and proof of concept prototype delivery.

Custom ultracapacitor modules
Custom Ultracapacitor Applications and Capabilities
Custom ultracapacitor modules
Voltage hold up module: Military
Custom ultracapacitor modules
Custom high voltage modules
Packaging options available
Custom ultracapacitor modules
Custom housing with epoxy potting
Custom ultracapacitor modules
Custom interconnect
Custom ultracapacitor modules
Data integrity,
memory back-up & hot swap
Custom ultracapacitor modules
Low profile prismatic modules & cells SSD/Portable
Custom ultracapacitor modules
16.2V modules: Capacitance & packaging options available
Custom ultracapacitor modules
Smart Grid module with heat sink
Custom ultracapacitor modules
Custom packaged cell: Military/Aerospace
Custom Ultracapacitor module appliactions. Server data storage, automation, metering, military.


  • Solid Works 3D modeling
  • Custom PCBA layouts
  • Higher level circuit integration

Cell Types

  • Radial- general purpose 0.5 to 400F, 2.7V, TPL/TPLS series
  • Prismatic- low profile applications
  • Hermetically sealed, rated -40 to 70°C
  • Custom voltages from 2.5 to 75V

Voltage Balancing

  • Passive- resistive
  • Active- semiconductor based
  • Custom- utilization of customer on-board balancing


  • Shrink sleeving
  • Metal enclosures
  • Conformal coating- outdoor applications
  • Open frame for easy system integration


  • Wire- various gauges, lengths and colors
  • Connectors or strip and tin
  • Custom wire sheathing

For design assistance or a quote, call +1 (619) 398-9700
or email sales@tecategroup.com