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Press Release
Tecate Group Expands PBLH™ Product Offering with Four New Modules

Lightweight and Rugged Modules from 10.8V to 12V in the PBLH™ Product Series

San Diego, CA, June 24, 2019…Tecate Group announces the introduction of its new PBLH™ modules, which provide design engineers a unique stand-alone power module at 10.8V up to 12V, or combined together in series for higher voltages. Tecate Group's TPLH™ cells are the building blocks for these innovative modules, which provide the option for upright or side-mount configurations for maximum layout flexibility. In addition, these modules are passively balanced, fully enclosed, compact, and provide simple screw terminals for easy connection.

Our PBLH™ modules are ideally suited for standby stationary subsystem backup and short-term bridge power and offer multiple alternative configurations for wireless data center backup. Working either in conjunction with or as a stand-alone alternative to batteries, ultracapacitors help reduce maintenance requirements and provide a long operational life and cost-effective energy storage for applications requiring extremely reliable backup power, pulse power, or voltage control.

PBLH™ modules operate at a temperature range of -40C to +65C, have a projected cycle life of 500,000, and boast a load life performance of 10 years. For more information about Tecate Group's innovative PBLH™ module ultracapacitors, visit

Tecate Group is a world-recognized supplier of ultracapacitor products with exceptional power and energy density that are manufactured to the highest degree of quality and reliability. They are fully compliant with RoHS, REACH, and UL requirements. Our mission is to provide customer-driven power solutions through enhanced innovation in the development of standard products as well as customized cells and modules. Additional information can be found at