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Overview (Tecate Advantage)

Tecate Group is the audio manufacturer to the largest names in the audio industry. We are experienced in customized audio solutions and provide the best in domestic engineering and production support. We design, produce, and test a multitude of audio products, including crossover networks, cable and wiring harnesses, inductors, audio components, speakers, and audio accessories.

Why Tecate?

What makes Tecate superior to its audio industry competitors? In addition to our manufacturing experience, Tecate offers a selection of value-added services to meet your unique needs. We call this the Tecate Advantage.

What is the Tecate Advantage?

The Tecate Advantage is superior customer service, exceptional value, and unique benefits. Here are just a few of the advantages offered by Tecate:

  • We provide design, CAD, and solid modeling support.
  • We supply quick-turn evaluation prototypes.
  • Our test capabilities include LMS, audio precision, and CLIO.
  • We offer retail labeling and packaging, including serial number control.
  • We employ RoHS-compliant production, including RoHS-compliance elemental analysis.

The Tecate Advantage: Engineering

Our engineers are committed to giving you personal attention, individualized services, and quick turnaround times. We provide technical and engineering support at each step of the process, meeting your every need. Our engineering advantages include:

  • Documentation control and support
  • Mechanical design
  • Computer Aided Design (CAD)
  • 3-D solid modeling
  • Design and layout services
  • Testing support, including shock/vibration, environmental, and packaging testing

The Tecate Advantage: Logistics

The high quality of our logistical support rivals that of our engineering. With direct shipments from our domestic and overseas warehouses to anywhere in the world, and local sales support across the United States, we are guaranteed to meet your audio shipment needs. Our logistics advantages promise:

  • Production flexibility
  • Customized stocking and inventory programs.
  • Logistics optimization and transportation management
  • Custom barcode design
  • Product serial number application and control
  • Retail labeling and packaging
  • Advance shipment notification
  • Direct shipments to any location
  • Freight consolidation for cost-effective distribution

We are sure that the Tecate Advantage will benefit you. Contact us today to find out how!